Pet Policy

We Love Your Pets

Your pets are part of your family. That means finding a home that welcomes all of you. We couldn’t agree more, which is why Metro Midtown is a pet-friendly property.
1.1 Policy’s & Procedures
This agreement is attached to and forms a part of the Rental Agreement dated<> between <>, Owners Agent, and <>, Tenants.

Tenants desire to keep a pet (Dog or Cat) named <> in the dwelling they occupy under the Rental Agreement referred

to above. Because this agreement specifically prohibits keeping pets without the Owner’s permission (OP), Tenants agree to the following terms and conditions in exchange for the OP:

1.2 Requirements
  • No pet will be permitted to disturb the health, safety, rights, comfort, quiet or peaceful enjoyment of other tenants. Accordingly, the tenant shall ensure that pets refrain from excessive barking, jumping, scratching, whining, or any other sounds.
  • Ensure that the pet shall not create any conflict or disturbance with others and will not threaten any physical harm to anyone.
  • Tenants agree to keep their pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and /or causing any annoyance or discomfort to others.
  • Tenant shall remedy immediately any complaints made through the Owners or Manager.
  • To comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances, restrictions, owners’ association rules and other enforceable regulations regarding any pet.
  • Tenant agrees to notify METRO LIVING, LLC of any violation of the addendum by another tenant or his/her pet.
  • To keep the rabies shots of any pet current.
  • Pet shall be properly maintained, licensed, and inoculated as required by local, county, or state statute, ordinance, or health code.
  • Tenants agree to adhere to local ordinances, including leash and licensing requirements.
  • Pet shall display owner identification and current inoculation tags at all times.
  • Tenants agree to furnish the Owners with a picture of their pet.
  • To confine any pet that is a dog or cat, when outside, on leashes under Tenants control and to confine any pet other than dog or cat in appropriate cages at all times.
  • Pet shall be restrained at all times when not in the apartment, but not tethered when it’s outside their dwelling.
  • Unsupervised and/or unrestrained animals in any common area are strictly prohibited.
  • No vicious or dangerous animals are permitted. Tenants agree to keep their pet under control at all times.
  • To keep the pet from damaging any property belonging to the Owners or others.
  • Tenant assumes all responsibility and is strictly liable for any and all amount of any injury to any person or property as a result of the pet or its actions and tenant shall indemnify Owners for all costs of litigation and attorney’s fees resulting from the same.
  • To hold the Owner’s harmless from all liability arising from the tenant’s ownership or keeping of the pet, including but not limited to any liability resulting from the Owner’s turning said pet over to local pet policing authorities should a pet be found unsupervised.
  • Tenant may not abandon the pet or leave it unattended for an extended/unreasonable period of time.
  • To promptly remove any pet waste from the property, including all living areas, garages, storage areas, yards, porches, patios, courtyards, decks.
  • Tenant agrees to clean up after the dog (s)/ pet (s) immediately and properly dispose of all waste into the nearest outdoor trash.
  • No pet is permitted to urinate or defecate on any unprotected floor.
  • Used litter will be double bagged and disposed of in the nearest outdoor trash respectable and NOT disposed of down the toilet regardless of product’s claim of “flushablility”. All litter boxes must be placed on a protective/ plastic floor covering and maintained in a proper and sanitary condition.
  • Any odor resulting from any pet is considered a nuisance and is strictly prohibited.
  • To control flea infestation and exterminate if necessary, and upon demand, in any and all areas affected with full cost to be paid by tenant.
  • All food and water bowls must be placed on a protective/ plastic floor covering.
  • Tenants agree not to leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their dwelling where it may attract other animals.
  • No visiting or temporary boarding pets.
  • Tenants must remove or confine any pet at any time that the pet is likely to limit or prohibit Owner’s or other persons access to the property as permitted by the lease.
  • To immediately pay for any injury, damage, loss, or expense caused by the pet. In this regard, it is expressly understood that at no time shall the tenant apply any part of the pet deposit towards such amounts due, but rather, the tenant shall make restitution immediately and separately from the pet deposit. It is further understood that such restitution shall be made over and above any rent or deposit paid in accordance with this pet addendum.
  • Tenant understands that this list is subject to change as deemed necessary by the Owners.
  • Tenants agree that the Owners reserve the right to revoke permission to keep the pet should the tenants break this agreement.
1.3 Breed Restrictions
The following breeds are prohibited

  • Akitas
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • American Bull Dogs
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Argentine Dogos
  • Bull Mastiffs
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Fila Brasileiros
  • German Shepherds
  • Pit Bulls
  • Presa Canarios
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • Tosa Inus
  • Wolf Hybrids
  • All mixes of these breeds
The following breeds are prohibited

  • Monkeys
  • Ferrets
  • Snakes
  • Rabbits
  • Livestock
  • Reptiles